To claim your free Deliverability test simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill in the contact form below
  2. Click the ‘download seedlist’ button
  3. Upload the seed list to your Email Marketing Solution
  4. Simply send a typical email campaign to the seedlist (no other addresses need to be included)
  5. Check your mailbox and confirm your email address via the link you received (results are not sent to unverified addresses)
  6. Sit back and relax, you will receive the results shortly

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    How it Works?

    Aim high with your Inbox placement rates to maximise your ROI.

    • Visualisation of where your email delivers
    • Inbox, Promotions Tab, Spam, Missing
    • Probability of Deliverability
    Inbox Placement
    Inbox Placement

    With the InboxSys platform’s sophisticated blend of technologies we can quickly identify your delivery metrics to the Inbox and spam folder or any potential rejection issues.

    • Checks all mail headers
    • Click into the headers for further details
    • Helps to troubleshoot your issues

    InboxSys analyses your content for known spam key words, functioning list-unsubscribe and many other content related spam filter criteria.

    • Checks for spammy phrases
    • Evaluates size of message
    • Text/HTML ratio
    • Scans for List-Unsubscribe
    Inbox Placement
    Inbox Placement

    Analyse the links in your content, where your clickable links are hosted, or your images to determine if there are any timeouts or known issues.

    • Validates your links
    • Displays time out errors and known issues
    • Provides best practice

    Identify if your sending IP/Domain is blacklisted on any of the 100+ blacklists

    • Check your IP/Domain
    • Identifies any known blacklists
    • Provides next steps and information
    Inbox Placement
    Inbox Placement

    Ensure ReverseDNS, HELO/EHLO and TLS are configured correctly and enabled for maximum results.

    • Simply check your MTA Configuration
    • Provides details of test results
    • Suggests solutions

    Check out how your IP/Domain reputation compares to Industry reputation benchmarks

    • Provides Industry benchmarks of reputation
    • Senderscore, SpamAssassin and more
    • Plugin external data via API on reques
    Inbox Placement
    Inbox Placement

    Establish if your sender domain is correctly configured and aligned. On top of that that you are fully authenticated with the latest technologies, such as SPF, DKIM & DMARC.

    • Check you are fully authentication
    • Provides results and next steps