In 2010 M.I. Club launched a new marketing strategy founded on the concept of providing extremely personalised newsletter content, which resulted in a surge in traffic to their store.

This strategy was a success, but the increase in new subscriptions meant that their marketing team suddenly had to create an average of 100-250 different, personalised emails per day.

The team size very quickly became a bottleneck, and it was while trying to find more copywriters that the idea of using Artificial Intelligence to handle the content selection and curation was born.

After two years of development they were able to switch from human to A.I. driven content curation, which meant their growth was no longer limited by the size of their marketing team.

As news of this tool got out, M.I. Club were approached by more and more industry players and the demo always ended the same way “I need this too,” - and soon they were providing this tool to other online brands to help handle their customer communications.

By pairing an extremely personalised newsletter with AI powered execution, M.I. Club were able to break through the noise in the inbox to start delivering content that recipients looked forward to getting.


Their tool monitors website activity and then profiles the visitors based on their behaviour, and then encourages them to sign up in order to get updates based on what they really care about. As a self-sustained system, this has the benefit that there is no human interaction involved, the system takes care of all the comms in a completely personalised way.

An integral part of having an AI driven communication service is making sure that the content it triggers actually gets to where it needs to go.

Although they were creating and sending tailored and engaging content, the campaign results they were seeing did not match the quality of what they were producing. Troubleshooting the why behind deliverability challenges was time consuming as they would need to manually reach out to ISP support and then try to work through what was happening.

“We were able to send email that people wanted to read by avoiding generic content and offers, but we ran into problems with deliverability because the content was unique and at high volume which triggered ISP filters and created challenges”

In some cases their delivery was throttled, and in others the content did not even arrive at all - and often solutions suggested by ISPs were not really solutions at all, so a lot of time and effort went into trying to figure out how to get the content to its destination.

The Solution

As they were looking to solve this challenge, M.I. Club ran into a further complication when looking at different vendors: Their incredible growth rate. Finding a vendor that could help them solve their current issues, but also grow with them and provide the same service at 50x the complexity was proving difficult - until they found InboxSys.

With InboxSys M.I. Club were able to quickly start breaking down their challenges and developed an action plan to help improve their ISP reputations, while at the same time helping them improve their overall sender reputation so that more of their content could place in the recipient inboxes.

“Together with InboxSys, we set goals and direction and with their support rebuilt a completely new email system which gives us the most important thing: peace of mind,”

With all their mail able to arrive at the destinations, M.I. Club have enjoyed a surge in average open rate by +80% - a direct result of being able to get their content to the recipients.

Even maintenance tasks have become simplified as taking care of their subscriber database is now much easier, even if list hygiene at such a magnitude traditionally involves a lot more time and effort as the size increases.

The Future

Now that M.I. Club have been able to stop fire-fighting to get their content to where it needs to go, they can spend their time focusing on other areas to really help add more value to their newsletter recipients.

With new clients coming on board and changes within the industry new challenges regularly present themselves but by partnering with InboxSys, M.I. Club are poised to deal with any challenge as it arises, or in their words:

“Everything is finally working properly, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for us it is highly valuable,”