InboxSys White label

InboxSys now offers a White Label solution.

For ESPs or large volume senders looking to monitor multiple mailstreams, clients or accounts.

Ideal package to offer clients a Deliverability Monitoring solution.

Offer deliverability products and services without having to spend the time and money on designing and developing them in house.

Some of the perks include:

– Run on its very own dedicated server

– Branded logos to reflect marketing efforts

– Sub accounts for teams and clients so they have their own profile to access

– Export your reports in PDF or CSV format

– Group IPs in the IP Monitoring Suite

– Monitor the performance/reputation of up to 5000 IPs

– Streamline your internal processes and gather sender reputation data by displaying all deliverability metrics in one smart integrated interface

ip monitor

Integrate custom seeds with InboxSys to have global & local ISP coverage.

Monitor deliverability no matter where email campaigns are being sent to, to maximise visibility and optimise deliverability.

With reputation monitor alerts, you’ll never be behind with this proactive reputation monitor. If a data source has an API, we’re open to integrate it, just ask!

We also provide you with a dedicated Account manager to help support yours or your client’s needs.