Inbox placement test

Achieve maximum inbox placement rates by using the lnboxSys:apos: sophisticated blend of technologies which is supported by an additional service layer that helps large volume senders overcome day-to-day challenges. lnboxSys meets the needs of the fast-growing and rapidly changing email marketing industry by using a simple three phase approach:
folder placement ™

lnboxSys enables you to test, analyse and optimise your emails and sender reputation before you send out live campaigns. It helps you to quickly identify and fix folder placement, technical and content issues so your actual campaigns get to your customers:apos: inbox and achieve the highest conversion rates.

Test your Campaigns

Test your Campaigns
  • Calculate the probability your campaign will reach the Inbox (spam or missing)
  • Analyse the headers of your email
  • Troubleshoot Delivery issues with smart prompts

Optimise your setup

Optimise your setup and Content
  • Check if your domain is fully authenticated
  • Analyse your content
  • Optimise your technical configuration

Sender Reputation

Support to Manage Sender Reputation
  • Compare your sender reputation to known Industry standards
  • Integrate data directly into the tool
  • Industry blacklist lookups


Test your Campaigns
  • Check NS records
  • Sender domain alignment


Optimise your setup and Content
  • Lookup for IP(s)/Domain(s)
  • Checks all known Blacklists
  • Filters/Whitelists
  • Reputation Check

Decoder / Encoder

Support to Manage Sender Reputation
  • Encode BASE64, Quoted-Printable or Unix timestamp
  • Encoding Types BASE64, mime, Quoted Printable, url-encoding, Unix timestamp
  • Decode/Encode

IP monitoring of your network

lnboxSys IP Monitoring tools provide a state-of-art functionality developed by industry insiders to give you a single unified interface that presents an overview of any IP address or range. Efficient and simple, easily get an overview of any IP using key industry metrics from within the lnboxSys unified interface and reduce troubleshooting time with improved efficiency.
  • Lookup over 100 Industry blacklists
  • Including Spamhaus, Barracuda, Spamcop, Cloudmark, UCE Protect plus many more


lnboxSys goes beyond cutting edge technology. We include access to a service layer for our clients, providing a full service option that enables you to utilise our expertise on how to get up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible. You, as an lnboxSys customer, also have the opportunity to book personalised consultation sessions with our Industry experts to assist you with your specific needs. Thanks to our network of established relationships across the ISPs and years of industry experience with setting up and managing sending infrastructures, lnboxSys guarantees you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our high-level support with our dedicated team.
  • On premise support on request
  • Online quality support
  • Support ticketing system
  • Dedicated team to help troubleshoot

Address Validator

  • Checks Domain exists
  • Checks syntax of email (prefix/suffix)

Whois Lookup

  • Whois look up on Domain/IP
  • Identify where Domain/IP is hosted
  • Provides Contact information

Sender Domains

  • Identifies your sender domains
  • Provides breakdown of authentication
  • Gives information on any errors